A chave simples para Daniel Dantas Unveiled

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Under CPLR 3126, a court has discretion to strike a pleading or prohibit a party from supporting or opposing designated claims or defenses if that party refuses to comply with an order for disclosure, where willful and contumacious character of its failure to produce is manifested by repeated noncompliance with court orders without credible excuses (see Excise Bond Underwriters v Zurich Am.

The Demarco case, cited by defendants for the proposition that Cayman law recognizes a fiduciary relationship arising from a quasi-partnership only in the context of a winding-up transaction, addresses at most Wilson's alternative ground for the existence of a fiduciary relationship (quasi-partnership), not his minority shareholder ground.

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“There is so much concentrated in the hands of a few like Dantas,” said Pedro Pereira da Silva, a former waiter who is one of about 700 people squatting at a Santa Barbara ranch. “It’s financially unattainable for us.”

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However, the Shareholders' Agreement specifies that it is to be governed by Cayman law. Even if it did not, under the internal affairs doctrine, Mr. Wilson's claims that, as a shareholder of OEP, its officers, directors and shareholders owe him a fiduciary duty would be governed by Cayman law (Davis v Scottish Re Group Ltd., 138 AD3d 230, 233-234 [2016]; Hart v General Motors Corp., 129 AD2d Daniel Valente Dantas 179, 182 [1st Dept 1987]). Under Cayman law, a fiduciary [*7]relationship is explained as a case where "one person A holds property or exercises rights or powers for another, or for the benefit of another B. It is for that reason that A must deal with the property or read more exercise the rights or powers in the best interests of B and for the purposes which are properly within here the scope of the power. It is for that reason that A owes a duty of loyalty to B and must not allow his duty to B to conflict with his own personal interests," meaning that "trustees, directors, solicitors and agents will all owe fiduciary duties" (McKillen v Misland (Cyprus) Investments Ltd.

The following year, Wilson commenced this action against Citibank and defendants. In the complaint, Wilson alleges that defendants earned billions of dollars in profits but failed to pay his five percent profit participation that the Funds earned and that Dantas promised him.

During colloquy before the district court, plaintiff's counsel conceded that his causes of action were based on nothing more than a website put option set forth in the shareholders' agreement.

ORDERED that the Clerk is directed to dismiss the complaint and enter judgment in benefício of defendants.

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The scheme of informal investigation set up in Satyagraha represents, for Mussi, “a model of investigation more suited to the secret police, beyond the most basic rules of the Democratic State of Law”.

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